gospel clean heart


This clean heart tells you that you can have your sins cleaned away. Only Jesus can do that for you and me.

“The Bible says,” before the John 3:16 verse and remove the first part of the verse “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that” and start the verse with “…whoever believes”

“Him means Jesus. If you believe that Jesus is the one who can forgive your sin because He died and came back to life for you this verse says you will not perish. You will not be separated from God. Instead God will give you eternal life. Eternal life is a life that never ends! Right now God will be with you to show you His love and to help you and when your body dies you will be able to live with God in His beautiful home, Heaven forever! Are you willing to turn from your sin and believe in Jesus to forgive you today? If you believe today for the first time you can tell God about it. You could tell Him something like this: “God, I am sorry for my sin. Thank you for Jesus who died for me. I believe He will forgive me. Please help me to turn away from my sin and to follow you. Thank you for making me clean when I believed.’ If you believed in Jesus for forgiveness, God sees you as clean and pure because of Jesus. You have eternal life – you are ready for Heaven and you have a special friendship with God that started the minute you believed in Jesus!”