CEF strives to encourage the ministry of the local church by training believers to effectively evangelize and disciple children.

Training events can be personalized in length and content to best meet the church's needs. Your church can offer a few classes for everyone or several classes running at the same time to allow them to choose or any combination you can come up with.

Workshops in your area may be arranged by contacting the CEF State Office.

Below is a list of our current workshops:

A+ Helpers

Do you ever sit in class and wonder what you should be doing – how you can best assist the lead teacher? Come learn the role of a helper and how you can be an effective teammate!


Meeting the Basic Needs of Every Child

God has given every person four basic emotional needs. Learn how you can begin to meet these needs for individual children in your class.


Effective Bible Lessons 

Learn how to move your teaching beyond just telling a Bible story to make it into a lesson full of Gospel truths and applications – into a lesson that God can use to change lives!


Giving an Invitation for Salvation 

Children need to not only hear a clear presentation of the message of salvation but to also have a chance to respond to that message. Learn why, when and how an invitation can be given.


Counseling a Child for Salvation 

If a child told you they wanted to be saved would you feel confident counseling them? Come receive practical techniques on individual counseling.


Breaking Down Learning Barriers

Learning styles provide a wonderful opportunity to personalize our teaching to each child. However, they can also become learning barriers to our students. Learn how to utilize learning styles to break down the barriers to learning in your class.


Consecration – A Living Sacrifice

‘Present your bodies as a living sacrifice…which is your spiritual worship’ (Romans 12:1). Is this verse written for children to obey? If so, why and how do you explain this command to children?


Recipe for Discipline

Do you struggle to get your class under control enough to teach? Learn the recipe to setting limits and following through in a way that creates positive discipline in your class.


Reaching All Ages

Meeting the needs of multiple age groups in the same class can present multiple challenges. Come learn how to reach preschoolers and older children in the same class setting.


Effective Interaction

Interaction is one of the keys to help today’s children learn! This workshop will discuss different ways to include interaction effectively in your class.


Making Bible Time Fun & Relatable

Do children come to your class because they are excited about coming or because they are told to attend? Do they believe studying God’s Word is fun? Come gather some new ideas on how to make your class more interactive, relevant and exciting for today’s children!


Effective Follow Up Ideas

When your class is over and the children have left are you left wondering if this one class is enough to carry them through until you see them again? Do you wish there was more you could do to reach into their lives? And what if they don’t come back?! This workshop will discuss different ways to follow up with the children who attend your class to encourage them to keep coming and to live for God throughout each week.


Making Memory Verses Fun & Useful 

For how long will the children in your class remember the verses they have “memorized”? Come learn how to help your children better understand, remember and apply the verses you teach and how to make it fun!


What Every Child Must Know (Sharing the Gospel Message)

What must a child know to be saved? The Gospel! Do you ever feel a desire to share the Gospel with a child but hesitate because you feel inadequate? Learn how to simply and clearly share the Gospel in a way a child of any age can understand.


Sharing the Gospel with Young Children

Sharing the Gospel with an elementary aged child may be challenging until you learn how to communicate on their level but sharing the Gospel with a preschooler – a preschooler who never seems to hold still – may seem near impossible! Come learn how to bring the Gospel down to their level and how to make it interactive enough to hold the attention of a young child.


Praying for Your Children

If you long to move beyond generic “God bless Johnny” prayers this workshop is for you! Come learn how to pray specifically and effectively using a number of techniques.


Review Can Be Exciting 

Do the kids in your class remember what was previously taught? Gather some games and other exciting activities to reinforce good teaching, evaluate past teaching, and let the kids have fun.


Ministering to Children with Special Needs 

We all know that God desires for every child to understand His Word. However, our classes are gaining an increasing number of children with special needs – some needs we can see and some we cannot. What can we do in our classes to help children with special needs feel accepted and successful?


Strengthening Your Storytelling

Have you ever wondered why the children won’t focus and listen to the great Bible truths you have prepared to share with them? Could it possibly be that the presentation needs a little help? This workshop will teach you important storytelling techniques that will help you add enthusiasm and drama to your Bible lessons.


Teachers That Touch Lives 

Teaching is more than imparting facts and knowledge. You have a great opportunity to influence individual lives for eternity. Consider how you can be a ‘favorite’ teacher that God can use for amazing results.


Teaching Children to Pray

Learn how to develop a new generation of prayer warriors! Receive helps on teaching children the importance of prayer and how to pray effectively.


Teaching Children to Share Their Faith 

God has commanded His followers to share the Gospel. These followers include Christian children. But who is training these young believers how to witness? Come learn how you can train the saved children in your class to easily and boldly share their faith.

Keeping Christian Children Engaged 

Do the children in your class seem to feel they’ve heard it all before? Do they lack enthusiasm for God’s Word? Come learn how you can help them develop a love for God, His Word and His family.


Using Curriculum Effectively 

Curriculum holds so many possibilities for the class and so much help for the teacher. However, it can also hold so many problems if not used correctly. In this workshop you will learn how to effectively use whatever curriculum is given to you to best teach your children.


Making Song Time Meaningful 

Songs can accomplish so much more than just filling time! Come learn how to use songs to strengthen your class time, reinforce your teaching and add fun and activity to your class.