Growing Together is a ministry of CEF of NH that comes alongside churches to help them develop their after school outreach. Child Evangelism Fellowship helps churches by equipping them with training, resources and suggestions to help them run an after school Bible club, this is called a Good News Club.

Growing Together is the next step in this process. It is a program that allows you to modify a Good News Club so that it has elements that are skill based, and while teaching that skill you use the elements of the craft to teach the gospel of Jesus and you also use elements of the skill to disciple the students.

Today’s parents love the idea of their children learning a skill that they can use in life. While we understand the importance of the gospel our society does not share that high regard that we do for the things of God. This program is upfront and honest that we are sharing biblical truths, but it incorporates that element of a skill that will draw in not just kids, but their parents as well.

Some ideas for this type of a club are archery, martial arts or cooking...