Kid’s Week is a summer program designed by your church to reach the unsaved in your community.

CEF of NH offers 5-Day Clubs and Kid’s Week is the next step in your church taking the reigns and making it your own ministry. CEF is an organization that comes alongside churches to help them reach children and families in their community and Kid’s Week shifts the program to your hands.

CEF of NH will send a team during your Kid’s Week to run certain aspects of your program (this is organized by you and our CEF staff). This program does require your church to have more volunteers than your average 5-Day Club.

A Kid’s Week will run about 3 hours per day and is held in a park or someplace that will allow the community to see what is happening (this way your club grows throughout the week). This type of club allows more time to get to know the children and allows the church to engage with the children and their families and invite them to your church.

In the summer of 2019 our first Kid’s Week was held in a park in Tilton and 23 kids came throughout the week, only 4 of those came from the host church. It was Nature themed and the kids and the church had a blast.